How To Paint Your Loft Wall In 3 Steps

How To Paint Your Loft Wall In 3 Steps

With increasingly practical accessories and easy-to-apply paints that simplify the painting process, you can change the color of your home walls yourself. By putting your hands dirty, it is possible to retouch or renew the tone of the decoration without spending too much. You should have a good idea of ​​what you would like the wall to look like. So, do some research on which loft color(สีลอฟท์ which is the term in Thai) to use and whether that color will match your environment. Check out some tips for each step of the painting:

  1. Protection

Cover the floor, furniture, and door and window frames using canvas, newspapers, and masking tape. Don’t forget to protect yourself too, with goggles, mask, and gloves, to avoid splashing your eyes or inhaling dust.

  1. Wall Preparation

Before painting, you need to level the walls and correct imperfections. To do this, apply the dough with a spatula. “For internal walls and outside of damp places, spackle can be used. In outdoor environments that receive water and humidity, the ideal is to use acrylic putty. After the dough dries, use sandpaper to finish and remove the dust with a dry cloth.

  1. Finally, The Painting

Use the stirrer as soon as you open the paint can to make it homogeneous. Then pour it into the bottom of the tray. It is necessary to remove excess paint from the roller on the tray, avoiding the wall.

With a brush, paint the upper corners and outlines of windows and doors first. A tip is to start on the left side of the wall: roll the roller from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, and repeat until you color a vertical strip. From track to track, soon the wall will have a new look! It usually takes two or three coats.


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