How Children Should Be Kept In The Condo

How Children Should Be Kept In The Condo

However, it is always good to remember that parents need to watch over their children’s activities, creating limits, such as the playing time inside the apartment. One solution can be to look for decorative elements that reduce noise and friction, such as rubberized rugs, among others. In the common areas of the condominiums especially condo in Charan area (คอน โด ย่าน รั which is the term in Thai), it is necessary to follow the internal rules for playing times. 

But each condominium must look for alternatives to entertain the children, such as expanding and equipping the leisure area. Use the party room during the week to develop various activities, games, or workshops led by young residents or teenagers, such as recycling or art. When there are spaces left, a tip can create a toy library and a library.

It is not recommended in condominiums that children up to 10 years old walk alone, as they can suffer accidents on the stairs, elevator, electrical part, among other places, and parents should also not leave them in the care of employees who have other activities to do. Children aged five must always be accompanied by an adult when playing in the playground, and, regardless of age, children must not be unaccompanied in the pool area.

Another precaution to be taken with the children is not to disturb the condominium employees, either in the guardhouse or reception. This place requires the caretaker’s attention and cleaning, gardening, or maintenance. A doorkeeper cannot abandon his duties to look for a child because of an intercom request.

When outsourced and trained, these same employees are usually already oriented about all the procedures of their functions. They know that they cannot take care of the children in the condominium, not even ‘for five minutes. Employees are responsible for assisting in the care and safety of all residents, of all ages and children, without necessarily being ‘nannies.’

There is little care in guiding children in actions within the condominium, as parents are responsible for the children, and those who will respond for actions that violate the internal rules of the condominium and will be subject to penalties.